Are You Financially Healthy? Really?

Do you make good money and want to keep more of it? Do you have a debt and spending strategy? Do you have a savings plan for retirement? Do you have the right size safety net?

Answer the following questions truthfully based on what you and your family are doing today.

  1. We save 10% of our net income. (Yes/No)
  2. We have at least 3 months of our net income in reserve for emergencies. (Yes/No)
  3. We plan ahead (meaning not use lines of credits or credit cards) for large expenses, such as additions to the house, family trips, CRA payments? (Yes/No)

Fact: Spending money cannot be calculated consistently with any math formula. It is constantly influenced by behaviours.

If you answered YES to more than one question, you are on the right track – keep doing what you are doing. If you answered NO to more than one question, then go to the first step below.

First Step: Before you can begin to manage your money effectively, you need to identify what is important to you and your family. Complete a Cash Flow Analysis, which will help you and your partner identify where your monthly paycheque is going… and why.

Your financial life can be simplified with the right Cash Flow Plan in place. Find out more here.


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