Angela knows each person is different and that there’s no cookie-cutter solution. She will focus on your priorities and guide you to the end result you want. Here are some of the services that are available.

Financial Planning:


1.  Cash flow planning – Cash flow is understanding where your paycheque is going and how to make it work for you

2.  Retirement planning– How do we know how much money that will need to retire? Everyone is different but we can explore what your goals are and if they are realistic and attainable?

3.  Pensions– Do you have a pension and what to plan around it for your future? Do you have a pension in another country and want to move it to Canada?


Choosing the right insurance coverage for you and your family can be complicated. Personal insurance is complicated. There are so many types of coverage. The options and differences between the various plans – referred to as policies – add to the discomfort Canadians feel when trying to find the right solution. We at Mercier Financial Services have two options the first is we can meet with you and review your needs and then give you some solutions. The second option is you can click on the link below that will allow you to apply for Life Insurance in the privacy of your home and you choose the amount of insurance that you would like. You can still ask me questions during the application process.

Wills and Estates:


1. What is important to you and your family and your legacy? My role as a
Certified Executer Advisor is to assist you in making those financial goals into a reality.

2. If you are an executer and are looking for help with the financial requirements in the will, I can assist you.

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