5 Good Reasons to Trust ME as Your Financial Advisor

  1. I am not employed by any Bank, Trust or Insurance companies, I give you independent financial advice.
  2. I will never sell you a debt product such as a credit cards and lines of credits.
  3. I specialize in cash flow (disposable income) so for most of my clients we spend time understanding where your money is going each month and how to manage your money differently.
  4. When we work together we will examine both your short term and long term financial goals and create a plan unique to your situation not a one size fit all plan. A short plan may be saving for a house and a long term goal maybe saving for retirement.
  5. Your financial plan should be written down and it is not something that you put away and not look at again. When working with me we will review and update your plan on a regular basis. especially when you have life changing events such as marriage, having children and a death in the family.


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